What We Offer

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N’arrows will provide you with the knowledge to try out and explore the world of archery, safely, and at your own pace. Our aim is to allow anyone to try and enjoy the amazing sport of archery without any of obstacles that would normally make it less accessible to most people.

We offer a casual, fun way to spend time with your friends, family, or that special someone while doing something active and exciting. You will be surprised at how quickly you get addicted!

Here are some options you can choose from for a variety of occasions and skill levels:

Introduction to Archery – perfect for a first timer, as well as someone who hasn’t shot for awhile.

Bring Your Own Bow & Arrows (BYOBnA) – for the more experienced archer who wants to practice and increase their skill using the tools that are right for them.

Tournament Nights and our Archery League – great for those with the competitive spirit that want to rise to the top. We even have numerous competitions to accomodate any skill level, so there is no limit if you want to go for the gold!

Corporate Events – if you are used to boring office functions then you won’t find that here. We can accomodate larger groups to make your next office party something to remember. You will chat about every wicked shot and hilarious moment over the water cooler with smiles all around.

Birthdays – bring your friends and family, make them give you stuff, and shoot some arrows. We will even let you shoot for free. It’s YOUR birthday after all.

Special Events – ideal if you are getting married, or not getting married, or have been married a really long time. Or maybe you have finished some schooling? It works for that too. In fact you don’t even need a reason. Celebrate that it’s Tuesday. Whatever, get a bunch of friends together and shoot some arrows. The more the merrier.

We also supply all of the archery equipment you need to start shooting at N’arrows. Plus, our target lanes measure at a shooting distance of approx 40 feet for inquiring minds that want to know.

Of course for any event and activity there will be an archery coordinator always present to answer your questions, and give you helpful hints along the way.

And since we are downtown, N’arrows wouldn’t be complete without a lounge area and bar where you can enjoy a delicious frosty beer.