Safety Info


  • Tie your hair back
  • Remove face piercings
  • Remove or don’t wear dangling jewelry
  • Remove or don’t wear large rings, especially ones that extend beyond the knuckle
  • Remove jackets and baggy/loose over-shirts
  • Do not wear overly baggy clothing with adornments that could catch the string
  • Closed toe shoes only. Open toe or sandals/flip flops are not permitted when shooting

The Safety Rules:

  • Follow the range coordinator’s directions at all times.
  • Never point a bow and arrow at another person. If you do, you will be immediately­ dismissed from the range.
  • Never pull back and let go of the bowstring without an arrow clipped on the string. This is called dry firing and can damage the bow or cause injury. If you accidentally dry fire a bow, please notify the range coordinator so they can check the bow for any defects and confirm it is still safe to shoot.
  • If you accidentally misfire an arrow and it falls to the ground leave it there. Picking up an arrow from the ground while another archer is retrieving their arrows could end up in a collision. Call on your range coordinator and they will risk their own life to keep you safe.
  • Always hold an arrow by your side with the arrowhead pointed towards the floor.
  • Take your time while shooting. This will increase your safety, and help you shoot better. Remember, ACCURACY before speed!
  • If the command “Bows Down” is called, all archers must immediately stop. If at full draw, shooters must slowly decrease tension from the string and remove the arrow. Then they must put the arrow in the arrow holder, place the bow on the bow stand, and return to the waiting area.
  • The command “Bows Down” can be called by anyone at the range if they see a dangerous situation. Alert the range coordinator right away after calling a “Bows Down” command, and explain what happened.
  • Alcoholic beverages, cell phones, or other objects must be left at the waiting area when it is your turn to shoot. Only arm a bow if you are at the shooting line, and under no circumstances approach another archer when they are at the shooting line.
  • The previous archer must return to the waiting area, before the next archer can proceed to the shooting line.
  • Before you pick up the bow make sure all 3 arrows are in the arrow holder. Always check each arrow for visible defects such as the arrowhead is present, the spine is not bent or cracked, there are 3 flights, and the clip or nock is at the end of the arrow.
  • When you have shot your 3 arrows, check with your partner to confirm they have also finished shooting. At this point the 2 bows must be placed on the bow stands by their grip before it is safe for both archers to walk down the lane to collect their arrows. Surprisingly, the main cause of injury in archery is bumping into the arrows you have already shot in to the target, so always walk when approaching the target.
  • When removing your arrows, stand to one side of the target and make sure there is no one behind you. Place your fingers on the target next to the arrowhead, starting with the arrow that is on top and moving your way down, memorizing the colours as you remove them.
  • As you walk back to the seating area, hold the arrows by your side with the arrowheads facing towards the floor and place the 3 arrows in the arrow holder. Then return to the benches and record your score.
  • When the archery session has ended you will hear the command “All Bows Down”. All archers will immediately stop, disarm their bow, and place it on the bow stand. Then retrieve any remaining arrows, put them in the arrow holder, and exit to the bar area.