Is it safe?

Yes, we have properly trained staff and certified archery coordinators who give a safety rules and demonstration before each introductory archery session. We regularly check and maintain all equipment for maximum safety. We also have all of the appropriate emergency, first aid and fire precautions in place. For a full list of our safety rules visit our safety page

We provide arm guards and finger tabs for less/non-experienced participants for full comfort and protection.

Safety concerning clothing while shooting:

  • Tie your hair back
  • Remove face piercings
  • Remove or don’t wear dangling jewelry
  • Remove or don’t wear large rings, especially ones that extend beyond the knuckle
  • Remove jackets and baggy/loose over-shirts
  • Do not wear overly baggy clothing with adornments that could catch the string
  • Closed toe shoes only. Open toe or sandals/flip flops are not permitted when shooting

What does it cost?

The rate is per archery session.
Regular Pricing:
$23.00 + $3.45 (tax) = $26.45 total per individual.
Bring Your Own Bow and Arrows:
$17.40 + $2.60 (tax) = $20.00

What are your hours? When are you open?

Regular Range & Bar hours
Mon - Fri: 3:30pm – 11:30pm
Family Hours
Sat - Sun: Noon - 5:30pm

  • For Family Hours, the last session starts at 4:30.
  • Note that Bar Hours resume half an hour after Family Hours end.
Weekend Bar Hours
Sat - Sun: 6:00pm – 11:30pm

What age groups do you cater to?

We now cater to ages 12 years and up with our new Family Hours, which are Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 5:30pm, with booking times available from 12:00pm to 4:30pm.  Our new weekend bar hours are 6pm to 11:30pm, and still require 19+ with ID. Monday to Friday hours are also 19+.

How many people can I have in my group?

You may have up to 8 people per group for each 55 minute session, depending on availability within the time slot you have chosen. To book a group of 9 people or more, email our Manager Glen at [email protected] or call Glen at (709) 221-9090. For more information about booking check out our booking page.

For bookings outside of regular business hours, please email [email protected] or call 1-709-769-4539

Can I book one person?

Yes. You may be paired with a partner depending on lane availability.

Can I walk in without an appointment?

We accept walk-ins 7 days a week, depending on availability.

How long is a session and how do lanes work?

We have 3 lanes with 2 targets per lane which can accommodate up to 4 archers per lane. Each individual archery session is for 55 min. This includes a mandatory 15 min archery demo for first-time customers. Our range coordinator will oversee each archer and give some pointers along the way.

Shooting time per archer may vary from 20min to 40min per archery session depending on skill level and how many people are sharing the lane.

Archers will shoot a maximum of 3 arrows per turn, then confirm with the archer that is shooting next to them that they have also finished shooting (if applicable). Then both archers will walk down the lane together to collect their arrows and repeat the process or return to the bench seating area so the next archers in line can shoot.

Can I drink in the shooting area?

You may not bring your drink to the shooting line for obvious reasons. The shooting line is only for shooting arrows. There is a waiting area before you approach the shooting line where you are allowed to drink while you wait for your turn to shoot. You may also drink in the bar and lounge area.

What skill level do I need?

None, we provide an introduction to archery demo if this is your first time, and of course we welcome people of all skill levels. Our targets come in 2 sizes: large for beginners, small for intermediate/advanced.

Do I need my own equipment?

No, we provide all the equipment you need to start shooting.

Can I bring my own equipment?

Yes, we have an option to bring your own bow and arrows or BYOBnA. This includes recurve and compound bows, quivers, arm guards, and gloves if you want. Make sure you do bring your own arrows, and make them easily distinguishable from our arrows if they happen to be a similar brand with similar ratings. You may view the equipment we use on our Equipment page to compare. If you do decide to bring your own bow and arrows, we offer a reduced rate since you do not have to rent our equipment. The cost for a 55 minute session is $20 (tax included) for the BYOBnA option when you Book With Us.

Is there a draw weight limit if I bring my own bow and arrows?

Yes, we are limiting draw weights to 30 pounds for now. We will be expanding our range in the future to accommodate larger poundage and longer 60ft lanes.

Are there any types of arrows you don't allow if I bring my own bow and arrows?

Yes, for safety reasons we do not allow broadhead arrow points/tips.

Can I have a custom target to shoot, like a picture?

Yes, we will allow custom targets. We can print a picture that you email to us at [email protected], preferably before you arrive for your booked session.

What is your cancellation policy?

We always want to make your experience at N’arrows as fun and enjoyable as possible. Late arrivals and cancellations will often cause issues and delays. We want to make sure everyone’s time is respected. In order to have the time to prepare equipment and organize each session, we have created guidelines regarding missed appointments, cancellations, reschedules, and lateness which are located below.


We do offer the opportunity to reschedule if your plans happen to change. As long as you let us know 24 hours or more in advance through our email [email protected], we can reschedule your booking at no extra charge depending on our availability. Due to appointment and staffing demands we are not providing refunds at this time.

Lateness/No Show

Due to the timing of bookings, if anyone does not show up for their scheduled booking without notifying one of our staff by email [email protected] at least 24 hours in advance then the booking deposit will be forfeit. Arrivals showing up more than 5 minutes past the start of a session will be considered a no show. As a reminder, for first time guests we ask that you show up 20 minutes before your booking to go through the registration and waiver signing process.

Note: It is at the management’s discretion to accommodate late arrivals on a per case basis, and only if it can be done without disrupting other guests and the session.