Archery League

For those with a more competitive spirit, we will be having a few nights where archers can up the ante and go for the gold!

We will be introducing a Tournament Night for those that want a bit of friendly competition, but don’t want to commit to the regular schedule of a league. Depending on the skill level and the amount of archers interested, we may have multiple nights for those that don’t have their own equipment and those that do, or multiple tournaments on the same night. And of course there will be a prize for the winner!

Archery Leagues

This is for anyone who wants to try competitive archery, and rise to the top of the ranks in a fun and friendly community of fellow archers. The Archery League has categories for different skill levels and equipment classes (e.g. compound or recurve), as well as for people who don’t have their own equipment, but still want to compete regularly. We have individual competition, and team leagues available.

League night is every Wednesday, with practices on Tuesday for 8 weeks.

The League skill and equipment categories are as follows:

  • Entry Level Recurve
  • Intermediate Recurve
  • Team Recurve

(Recurve categories will have mixed rental and bring your own participants)

  • Entry Level Compound
  • Intermediate Compound
  • Team Compound

(Compound categories will have only bring your own bow participants)

To express interest or sign up, contact us via [email protected]
You can also call 221-9090 for any questions.
Our League is currently full for October and November.
Check back in January for the next League competition!